ML Frontline Released

Multilingual FrontlineLast week we released the public version of ML Frontline (Multilingual Frontline), this system enables any GP or medical practitioner to use the system, on pay-as-you-go terms, this is a great step-forward for medical professionals who have to deal with patients where they don’t share a common language. ML Frontline has all the common diagnosis procedures and processes available at the touch of the button, and guides both the medical professional and the patient through the diagnosis process using a dual language display ensuring the patient and professional can communicate clearly.

Tweet Translated Released

Today we released a simple twitter Tweet Translatedtranslation tool called TweetTranslated.

The web-app allows anyone to view someone’s twitter feed in their native language, a feature which is missing from twitter. The tool is powered by our free translation tool.

You can use the tool without signing in, or if you sign in you can view your own feed and post in another language with ease.