New Facebook Profile Timeline

I’ve just enabled the new Facebook New Facebook Profile Timeline Profile through my developer account, and I actually quite like the look and feel of it.

Recently I’ve been really disappointed by the new “features” added to facebook – most of which have driven me to despair due to them being of poor quality, and clearly a rushed feature release to complete with Google Plus. For the most part the features have not been on-par with the Google Plus counter-part, however I do really like the profile timeline – it feels like a better version of the Google Profile.


So I’ve been on Google+ for a fair few days know, and I am kind-of liking it – although I am using it more like facebook currently. Whenever I go to “near me”, those users are actually miles away. I like the fact that I’ve found it more reliable in this testing period than I find facebook most weeks – so I think its looking good.

Obviously it’s only ever going to be as good as the number of users it can attract, and that currently is the ceiling I’m hitting – I’m inviting people and they join but barely use it, since they’ve got few friends on the service or because they don’t want to use another social site. And there lies the challenge – and I’m not sure Google have done enough to attract the happy-with-facebook group…

It’s taken Google a while to truly enter this race, and honestly the race has only just started – Google need to pull a game changing innovation out of a hat – here’s hoping!