RIP Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)

Shocked to hear Steve JobsSteve Jobs has passed away! So soon after stepping down as CEO. The tech innovation space has lost someone special, though he has inspired and shown the world how successfully innovation can be done.

I write this from my iPad, the Apple innovation which had many people questioning if there was a Market for this kind-of device; but it took the world by storm and no-one has come close to beating it yet. I remember the rumour mill on the run-up to the launch (he knew how to get people excited!) and the launch itself which had Steve Jobs on-stage beaming with pride. It’s just one of many amazing things he delivered to the world.

Irrelevant of if you like Apple or not, no-one can deny the global impact Steve Jobs had on the world.
RIP Steve

Evil Tech Company

Recently I’ve been reminiscing about the good-old-days, a simpler time when things were clear – you might remember those times; Microsoft was Evil, Apple was rubbish, innovations seemed to occur month on month, and Google – who were they.

These days things are much more complex. In the wake of the News International phone hacking scandal, I’ve been trying to figure out which technology company is now the most evil – although I’ve kept this really simple.

Microsoft; do they still hold the crown?
Historically they tried to stifle the open source movement. Subsequently they’ve started to release a few open source projects themselves.

Being judge and jury on apps released to users, seemingly preventing or delaying competitors from offering apps on Apple devices. There Mac OS is based on Linux, and whilst they have a few open source projects I think its fair to say people generally consider Apple to take much more than they give back.

Whilst compiling street view data, Google’s vehicles recorded wifi traffic from homes and businesses as they passed by. Google appear to give-back to the open source community much more than Microsoft and Apple, but lets be fair here – Google use alot of free software, and whilst there contributions to some projects are large, in other projects they clearly aren’t feeding back many contributions.

I think it’s fair to say that there isn’t a saint among these large companies – certainly things are much more complex than they used to be.