New Facebook Profile Timeline

I’ve just enabled the new Facebook New Facebook Profile Timeline Profile through my developer account, and I actually quite like the look and feel of it.

Recently I’ve been really disappointed by the new “features” added to facebook – most of which have driven me to despair due to them being of poor quality, and clearly a rushed feature release to complete with Google Plus. For the most part the features have not been on-par with the Google Plus counter-part, however I do really like the profile timeline – it feels like a better version of the Google Profile.

Amazon take on Google and Apple

With the announcement today of the new Kindle Fire, Kindle Firewhich looks like a wonderful new tablet, and a clear sign that Amazon are staying in this market for the long term and for more than just viewing books. As I read through the spec and particularly about the Amazon Silk browser, which uses Amazon AWS cloud for pre-processing and caching, it makes me wonder how long it’ll be before Amazon take on search!

The Amazon AWS cloud, now subsidised by developers and users the world over, is a powerful cloud and is potentially one of the few clouds able to take on the might of Google… so how long until Amazon enters the search market? Surely it’s a natural progression from offering a browser which is aimed at improving user speed and experience.

I do hope Amazon enters the search game, in my opinion its stale and needs a good shake-up!

Steam – Recovering My Account

A couple of weeks ago I was discussing online gaming with the guys at work, and felt the need to load Steam on to my computer for a quick bit of classic CounterStrike gaming – though things weren’t as simple as they seam; I haven’t used Steam in years, however it being a web-based system, I assumed it would be a simple case of resetting my password and logging in…

I stumbled at the first hurdle! Resetting my steam password!- knowing my username, and having access to the email account I registered with wasn’t enough for Steam to reset my password and email it to me…nope…. they wanted me to take a photo of my game CD with the license key on it and send them the picture. But I registered with Steam to get Halflife over-the-air, I didn’t have a CD. Fear-not after waiting 36hrs for a response I just had the simple task of telling them the card number, expiry date and name of the card used to make that purchase; It’s 2011, the game was release in 2004, and I pre-ordered it! Obviously I don’t have that credit card number any more. Luckily for me I keep all my bank statements (and they have the card number printed on them), so after spending some time trawling through my old bank statements I found the transaction.

Hurray! I now have access to my Steam account. Although I’m sure you can get mortgages easier than this – Steam, I know that there are problems with gamers accounts being hi-jacked, but if someone has hi-jacked my email account I’ve got much bigger problems than someone playing a game as me! Other people who find themselves in my situation may not be as lucky as me – so please change this process.

ML Frontline Released

Multilingual FrontlineLast week we released the public version of ML Frontline (Multilingual Frontline), this system enables any GP or medical practitioner to use the system, on pay-as-you-go terms, this is a great step-forward for medical professionals who have to deal with patients where they don’t share a common language. ML Frontline has all the common diagnosis procedures and processes available at the touch of the button, and guides both the medical professional and the patient through the diagnosis process using a dual language display ensuring the patient and professional can communicate clearly.

Fedora 15 on Samsung NF210 netbook

Recently my wife’s netbook (Samsung NF210 with 2Gb RAM) has been catching my eye – it’s a great little thing and tiny compared to the laptop I use at home, whilst more functional than my iPad. I wouldn’t be too comfortable on Windows 7, so out of curiosity I thought I’d see if it would run Fedora 15…

Rather than wipe the hard-drive, I decided to run off a USB stick so I installed Live USB Creator  on my Fedora 15 laptop;

su -c “yum install liveusb-creator”

I then plugged in my empty USB stick, and ran liveusb-creator – it auto-selected my USB drive and I simply picked to download Fedora 15 and clicked for it to get going.

Some time later I returned to my laptop, and job done. I now have a Fedora 15 USB stick. So off to the netbook I went. I shutdown Windows, plugged in the USB stick and started the system pressing F2 to go to the Bios Settings. In the settings I moved USB disk to the top of the boot list and saved the settings.

Moments later the netbook was booting into the Fedora. It didn’t take long to boot, and it surprised me that it all appeared to just-work. Gnome was fairly responsive, Firefox was as expected – I thought that it wouldn’t work very well, or that it would run like a dog and I’m happy to be wrong. So the Samsung netbook seems to run Fedora nicely – that is food for thought!

Web Search race will soon be on (again)

In the years AG (After Google), you’d be forgiven for thinking that search was conquered – and that conqueror was Google. But in recent times search results have dipped in quality, no-longer do I quickly and easily find the information I am looking for. Looking at the search results I get, I can see 2 issues with the results;

1. Dominating the search results are websites which are really good at SEO, even though they don’t have the information I am searching about – appears at the top of my results regularly and more often that not they don’t have the information I am looking for.

2. Google’s product protectionism – where Google’s ever increasing area’s of business are returned as the first results. Search for Finance and Google Finance is the top result. This trend is going to continue, and potentially get worst, as Google have entered the content creation business through the purchase of Zagat.

More and more often I seem to feel like Google is slowly morphing into something like Compuserve – where they promote there own products and services, so that users stay within the Google landscape, and partners appear at the top – the partners are not directly paying for those top places, but they pay indirectly for those top places by investing in SEO and ensuring they follow the Google rules chapter and verse. It appears search is no longer about getting me the information I am looking for.

So with these failings in search, I’m expecting the search race to start again in the not to distant future.