Migrating from Exchange to Google Apps

Having ran Microsoft Exchange & Active Directory infrastructure for some time, and with aging hardware, I’ve been looking for more cost effective solutions – and something that doesn’t encourage my users to create local achieves of emails on there laptops.

A few months ago I got a call from Andrew @ SaaSage, who asked if we’d considered Google Apps (his company are a re-seller and offer consulting services) – we’d been using Google Docs internally for a few months, and so I decided to give a test deployment ago. They were able to answer our often odd and bizarre questions, and before long we were able to migrate some test users to the service. It was great! And fairly simple – in all honesty you do make a few compromises, but its worth it! And anyway the service is in constant development, so it can only get better.

The per-user licensing costs have reduced, and I no longer need to buy or maintain email servers, brilliant! One less headache is always welcome!

We have now finished a full deployment, and that puts us at 140 users on the service – and we expect to be hitting almost 200 within the next 12 to 18 months.

Recently they’ve published a testimonial on their website which I did for them – http://saasage.co.uk/testimonials/

If you’re considering Google Apps – I’d encourage you to give it ago.








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